Using color and intuition to create one unique offering.

Through color and symbolism, an analysis is created of your energetic system: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. A Chakragraph acts like a map of the body, highlighting any dis-ease and disharmony.


Chakragraphs: Psychic Art Readings

Chakragraphs are psychic art readings. They are a valuable tool for the newly curious, the serious students, the joyful seekers, and all others who are active in their healing or spiritual pursuits. They have been found to be very helpful in clinical therapy sessions and alternative medicine practices by helping to facilitate a deeper healing plan through targeting the location of energetic memories and blocks that have settled in the body. But you don't have to seek this experience from a holistic standpoint! They are quite fun and helpful just as they are, and the information received will always be what you need. 

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Tarot & Tea:
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Tarot & Tea is a community event held monthly at Wild Dog Rose Tea Boutique, located at 1570 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky.


The Shamanic Way

Changing our story from the inside out.

Shamanic healing is a perfect complement to modern medicine, and can often the missing link that allows our healing to rapidly progress. Shamanic practices help us to release the stranglehold of old patterns we become stuck in and help to unwind the cords that prevent growth and abundance from forming in our lives. 

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