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chakragraph workshop: intuitive art for reading the subtle body

Course description

You are being extended an invitation to dive deep into the immersive world of intuitive watercolor in this unique sacred workshop. All experience levels are welcome!


Spirit connects to the human brain through our imaginations. A healthy imagination creates a safe container for inspiration and information to meet. It’s our job to grab hold of the ideas that form in this space and bring them into the physical world with decision and action.

Creativity is one of the primary sources of nourishment in which our imaginations are fed. The stronger our imaginations are, the more creative we feel. As a result, our intuition becomes sharper, our lives become more inspired, and we feel greater connected and invested in the life we’ve built around us.

The Chakragraph System is a color divination program that accurately renders the energy of the subtle body. Information about our hopes, our dreams, our state of mind; our family, our love life, our friendships;  our physical health, our career, and our focus can all be discerned through a Chakragraph reading.  No prior experience with intuitive work is required, nor is any form of artistic skill. All that’s called for is a willingness to show up and embrace a beginners mind.

Once we learn how to step out of the way, we’ll discover just how easy it can be to tune into our inner voice, and how vibrant our lives can be when we intentionally connect with color.

The Chakragraph System: A creative, color divination platform for intuitive readings.

This workshop is divided into two portions: Technical Practices and Energetic Practices.

During the ‘Technical Practices’ portion of this workshop, we’ll focus on:

  • three traditional watercolor painting techniques,

  • discovering opacity through water-to-paint ratios,

  • learning how to mix watercolors without muddy messes,

  • and creating a personal color palette.

During the ‘Energetic Practices’ of the workshop, we’ll move beyond the physical world and into the world of intuitive work. We’ll focus on:

  • learning what the electromagnetic field (aura) is and where it’s located,

  • a meditation and prayer that will help draw us inward, connecting us into the wisdom of the subtle bodies,

  • how to accurately paint the aura,

  • and learning to interpret the colors and messages we see.


Ages 18+ 
This is a sacred workshop and is all-inclusive. YOU are safe and welcome here.
This is beginner-friendly. No prior experience is necessary.
If you choose to purchase materials in this workshop, they will be transferable between all subsequent courses in this series.
Due to the intimate nature of this class, seating is limited.

Location: The Kula Center, 802 E Market Street, New Albany, Indiana 47150

Your Tuition Includes:
- Five hours of instruction 
- Access to high-quality materials. (You can choose to purchase a take-home kit for an additional $45.00 at checkout. The take-home kit mirrors what we use in the classroom and includes your paint, a mixing palette, watercolor brushes, watercolor paper, and graphite paper. Save time and money with this easy add-on option.)
- A twenty-minute meditation and Halotherapy session at Sukhino Float Center and Salt Cave / www.sukhinofloatcenter.com

Investment cost

$175.00 standard tuition

$220.00 standard tuition + materials to take-home (High-quality watercolor block, palette, brush, graphite paper.)

Returning students may retake this workshop for $50.00.

Some scholarships are available with special preference to those in BIPOC communities where these types of workshops are often inaccessible due to cultural and systemic oppression. Monthly payments can be arranged. Just email me for information.


A $75.00 deposit is required to hold your space.

Payments will be required in full two weeks leading up to the event date. Missed or late fees will not guarantee your spot in class, and you may be required to forfeit your deposit.