Chakragraph: Psychic Artwork

I created my first Chakragraph by a happy accident. Years ago, I would sketch a small stick-man on the sidebar of my notes before my client sessions. Using my doodle as a proxy, I would document any information that I was receiving about the physical, emotional, or spiritual state of my client through marks and symbols. Although these drawings were never shared, I quickly discovered the information was extremely accurate and displayed the emotional and physical disturbances in their body. With time, I began understanding the patterns in which these disturbances manifest, and how each specific marking would correlate with certain dis-ease. Over the years, this process grew in its interpretive symbolism and later, I added color. In January of this year, 2017, I decided to share this back-end process on a whim. It was so well received and asked for that I made it into its own offering. Thus, was the formal birth of Chakragraph.

Why does a Chakragraph benefit you?

Because seeing is believing.
We know our own answers. At our cores, we know what our truth is. Admitting it to ourselves or taking the necessary steps to live in a better way can be extremely difficult, especially when we're embedded in patterns, feeling dis-empowered, or disorientated by conflict. A Chakragraph puts the facts in front of your eyes in a very powerful way. It offers a fresh perspective of ongoing symptoms from a spiritual point of view, and in many cases how these spiritual ailments have been stored in the body and turned to illness.

All artwork is created before the appointment. The reading to go over information lasts thirty minutes. Upon completion of our session, the original copy will be given to you. In long distance readings, it will be mailed.

In a separate service, a Full Psychic Assessment, you will receive a .pdf version of a pastel Chakragraph. While booking, you have the option to have a watercolor piece created for a small additional fee.

Below are just a few examples shared with permission. More of my artwork can be found on my Instagram or Facebook accounts.