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My schedule opens to the public four times a year, accepting appointments for three months at a time. It is against my policy for someone to book an appointment for anyone but themselves, even with another’s permission. I no longer sell gift certificates due to the increasing demand of these readings. Reschedules will not be honored.

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You must be 21+ to participate in my offerings. You have up until 72 hours of your appointment time to cancel with a full refund. You can do so using the link provided in the confirmation email sent to you. No-shows, late appointments, or cancellations within your 72 hour appointment window will be considered non-refundable. Any cancellations made on my end will be refunded in full. Due to high demand, reschedules can no longer be accommodated.


Service list & pricing

All services can be completed locally in-studio, and nationally or internationally through email or a telecommunications program. Please contact me for inquiries on workshop, retreats, fundraisers, and public appearances.



individual chakragraphs

$165 USD + shipping, where applicable

Chakragraphs provide an intimate view of who you are, where your year is headed, lessons that you may be working on, and any challenges and obstacles that are ready to be vanquished.

No information is submitted prior to the appointment aside from the participants name at booking. Both the painting and reading are completed before your arrival.

Individual Chakragraphs focus on your health and wellness in all its forms, bringing forward evidential information that is relevant to your life; past, present, and future. Learn More.



relationship chakragraphs

$275 USD + shipping, where applicable

A Chakragraph of two people instead of one, honoring each person’s unique soul messages, path, and how the couple relates to one another. Whatever is currently active in the couples life is what is revealed most.

No information is submitted prior to the appointment aside from the participants names. Both the painting and reading are completed before your arrival.

Relationship Chakragraphs focus on the story of the two souls, therefore both parties must be in attendance and full agreement to participate. I consider it to be highly unethical to book this appointment without someone’s prior knowledge and consent. Any one who violates this rule will have their appointment immediately terminated and your funds will be non-refundable.



shamanic healing

$145 / 1-3 Hours

A sacred ceremony is created in your honor under the guidance of Spirit to facilitate deep healing and blessings. You’re encouraged to relax as we journey through each chakra and learn what situations may be causing a disruption in your energetic system or body.

I believe that only when we come into true understanding of a situation can we agree to release that energy which may be harmful and unhelpful to our living.

All energy work is offered with tenderness, compassion, and care, and is at the sole direction of Spirit. Learn more.