The power in showing up. A co-creative guide to manifesting dreams

"Creation and manifestation go hand in hand. To create is the idea, to manifest is to bring that idea into the tangible. Solely stuck on ideas alone, you become afraid to move when the voice of trust goes silent. That voice of trust must come from you. You will not find it elsewhere.

That voice of trust must say, "I trust in you to begin this. I trust in you to create this service, to do this thing, to make this appointment, to be on time. I trust in you to show up when needed, and to show up when not. I trust in you to trust me, because me is all there is."

So we wait for you. We wait for you to make the change to allow this idea to happen. We wait for you to see the value in yourself to take the steps in creation.

We can inspire. We can bring forward helpers and opportunities, but to take action—that requires a responsibility that is all your own."

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel

I have had the great fortune of having many 'big' ideas but I'm sad to say that I've reacted on very few. It's not because I didn't think they held merit or could make a difference in the world, but because I couldn't trust myself to execute them without error. So, instead of just trying it anyway and altering my course as needed, I would do nothing and leave the idea hanging in my head thinking, "if it's meant to happen, it will be." 

Do you want to know a secret? I don't believe that's true. I have never believed that's true, but it sure made a mighty fine pillow at night. The reality was much harder to sit with: I was just too afraid to fail.

The only thing we're ever promised from Spirit is the inspiration to begin. That's it. Spirit will inspire us to take action in our life as we need it. That inspiration can take many, many different forms like diets and doctors appointments; prototypes to business models. They offer these inspirations to us freely to help shape our futures, but it is our responsibility as humans to manifest it into our world.

This week, we are asked to be mindful of the ideas we have, and the ones incoming. If you're feeling stagnant in your life, you might want to ask yourself how you're being responsible for changing the energy. Are you calling your friends? Are you asking for help? Are you submitting resumes or painting the dreams?

If you can say yes to all of the above, then I say call the Universe in for action! Ask it show up and do its part. A great little practice is to take a piece of paper and draw two vertical lines to create three equal columns on the page. 

In the first column, write what you're trying to do, such as "get a raise" or, "meet a loving partner."

In the second column, write what you need from the Universe to make this happen. Sticking with the raise at work example, you might write, "have the right people witness my accomplishments and value". If its the latter and you're trying to find a romantic partner, you might ask the Universe to help by, "connecting me to available matches that would suit my tastes and preferences." 

The third column is all about you. How are you going to show up and make sure you can bring this to life? If we still consider the wage raise request we might write, "Committing extra hours to projects or refining my methods, practices and knowledge."  If we're to use the romantic partner example, perhaps you might say, "Saying 'Yes!' to invites more, and choosing to surround myself with groups of people who share common interests."

This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, so come from a positive place and only suggest what you can commit to. It doesn't work well if you list twenty items you want to manifest - try to focus it down on the top three. Conserve your energy for what matters most. It works because it partitions the big, far, out-of-reach dream into solidified intentions, breaking it down to the first baby step in making it a reality.

Your ideas are good ones.
The goodness and richness of life can happen with you not just around you, but it takes courage. It requires action and persistence, working and reworking. Very rarely do we get it right the first time, so allow inspiration to evolve the idea with you. Above all, know that when you choose to show up for yourself, the Universe will show up with you.

Blessed are we.