Dreaming for answers: A visitation dream on how you can connect with spirit.

I woke from a dream this morning where I was sitting in an interview with a reporter, (Anderson Cooper if you must know.) He began by asking me my opinion on why Spirit takes innocent life in such horrific ways. "If God and Spirit are real, why are humans made to suffer in this world as we do?"

I sat back in my chair for a moment, letting the question roll around in my head. It's certainly one I've thought about a lot lately. How can I preach of Spirit's gratitude and benevolence as so many hurt? Fully prepared to resign with an unknowing, instead I surprised us both by my response:

"Spirit does not cause this suffering" I replied, "We do. Our choices keep this energy alive. The escalation of violence is due to our desensitization. Our world has been falling apart for far longer than what's transpired in recent events, but the escalation of anger; the grief so palpable that we cannot hide or distract ourselves so easily in our comfort anymore.

"Our human race is crying out for intervention! We're like the troubled teen who acts out just to be noticed, screaming, "Hey! Look at me! I need to be seen! I need to be heard! I have no idea what I'm doing here and dammit, I need your help!" Spirit tries intervene, but by nurturing base emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear, they make us mute to their voice; blind to the signs they lay before us.

"We are all equally responsible for this outcome and the truth of it is, people lost their connection to Spirit because they never had the opportunity to know themselves. While they suffered, the rest of us divided; those who prayed for the 'lost' behind closed eyes, those who were brave enough to intervene, those who were mad enough to rebel, and those who just gave up completely."

He watches me for a second before tapping his bottom lip with his forefinger, launching into a series of questions and recording my answers, most of which I don't remember. He finally ends the session asking a question I receive all the time in my waking life, "How would someone new to spiritual development communicate with the other side as you claim to do? What can they do to make contact with these higher ups?"

To my surprise, I told him, "They shouldn't."

"They shouldn't?" He asked, his eyebrows raised. "So no one should try to talk to Spirit other than you?"

"Not at all, but I don't believe it's as beneficial for someone to sit down with the sole intent of connecting to Spirit without first sitting down and connecting with themselves. My recommendation? Talk to yourself. Mourn the dreams that you held and lost, mourn the moments of weakness, the fallacies in your character. Get intimate with them. Take the time to understand all of your reactions made up until this point, going over each as it comes to mind. Look at everything objectively: the circumstances of events, the choices you made, the choices you could have made and forgive yourself. Tell yourself you're sorry for each one. Don't focus on releasing them. No need to blow them up to the sky or in a bubble. Let them be as they are. Accept them as a part of your being.

"Then, begin to recall all the things you did right: every moment where you stood tall, spoke up, succeeded and triumphed. Recall the good moments when you felt proud. Sometimes you won't remember as many. Sometimes we'll only have a few, but don't worry, they'll come and you'll make more. The act of recognizing these positive moments gives your subconscious permission to retain them. It's a mental cue that says, 'It's okay to let the good stuff stay, too.' When you've reviewed the good and the bad, be present with yourself and who you are now, in this very moment. Who have you become?

"Now, thank that person. Thank yourself for staying strong and staying here. Thank yourself for trying. For choosing to step upon this earth and walk where your ancestors walked before. For the opportunity to heal them as you learn to heal yourself. Thank yourself every day until you believe it. Until you can say it with a smile and feel that smile in your heart.

"When you can do this, when you can make the time for yourself, to love every shadow as equally as the light and view the past as clearly as the present, then you will know what it means to communicate with Spirit. There will be no barriers to cross, no ego to overcome. You will inherently know truth from thought and what it means to walk with the divine because you have taken the time to truly discover the part of the lesson that everyone else wants to skip through: you are the Divine. The Divine is you. You are not separate or can be separated. Our footsteps are matched. Our worlds, parallel. When you learn to love yourself, grace, compassion, and kindness overflow through your eyes. Changing the world doesn't start in your community, it starts from within."

Blessed are our dreams.