the seeds to our life's garden

Imagine a plant in front of you. It's just a little seeding, its stalk barely strong enough to support itself without bend. You unwrap its roots from its burlap binding and gently shake the loose soil away. The roots dangle; stretching, searching, breathing.

This little seedling has unlimited potential. It can grow to be as big as it wants, living for hundreds of years and come to house an entire ecosystem within its lifetime. This one seedling can easily affect, and change the lives of millions.

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I choose

The trouble with both.
This is a topic I'm seeing right now over, and over, and over again. Let me tell you, when someone's heart isn't being respected in their home, there isn't a thing in this world that they will experience that feels right, or feels true, or where they feel good enough. Call me progressive, but I believe when we say "I do", it really means, "I choose."

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you are my mirror

I had forgotten how strong you are. I see a girl before me, broken and entangled;
injected by a will she didn't ask for, intruded by a power that wasn't meant to be hers.
I had forgotten about the courage it took to rise from this place. To wake up the next morning.
To learn to breathe again.
How had I forgotten that?

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you are not crazy

You are not crazy. You are not crazy because you perceive what others do not.
You not crazy for how deeply you feel, or the depth of love that you long for.
You are not crazy because your heart bleeds where others have closed theirs,
and you care about others do not; could not.

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