Be in the present. Experience and witness all the gifts of today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed! To truly experience the gift and honor of walking on Earth, embrace it's unpredictability!

While yes, we must have foresight of the future, the dreams you hold will manifest more readily when you just stay present with today. How are you to see the signs for the future if you cannot witness the signs that are for you today?

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel

Exhale white.
Let it seep from your bones
and pass through your skin.
Let it permeate the air around you.

Exhale white.
Let it change your color.
Your vibration.
Your message to the day
and to the world.

Exhale white.
Know that when you do
it is the reflection of you.
Your purity.
Your offerings.
Your being.
Exhale white to know you.

I understand how hard it is.
I understand what it means to wish for things that did not come,
to work for things that did not happen,
and pray for something that slips by just beyond your grasp.

I understand how quickly a heart grows weary by surviving on wishes alone
but I also know this:
there has been a gift in it all.

Under every crestfallen moment
and rug swept out from under my feet,
for every disappointment
and shooting star that burned away into the darkness,
there has been a reason why.

Just as I am responsible for pinning the dream to the dream board,
for following through with a phone call;
laying the extra brushstroke,
or accepting the first kiss,
I am equally responsible for taking the risk to dream again.
And again.
And again.

Because actions are born from dreams
and life is born from actions.
I want to know that I dared to take the steps to live a life that is rich with both.

I had forgotten how strong you are.
I see a girl before me,
broken and entangled;
injected by a will she didn't ask for,
intruded by a power that wasn't meant to be hers.

I had forgotten about the courage it took to rise from this place.
To wake up the next morning.
To learn to breathe again.
How had I forgotten that?

Time has made me question if it was even real
but I remember when I see you,
split in two by a choice that wasn't yours;
a living object,
a stolen prize.

I didn't see you as a huntress,
a woman looking to reclaim the rights back to the true light of her soul.
A light that had been harvested from her very core,
held captive in their memory.

I didn't see you as a tower of strength,
waking up day after day in a bed you can't get out of to make,
wondering what in this world even belonged to you anymore.

I didn't see any of this:
a shape-shifting warrior.
A goddess in trial.
All I could see was my twelve-year-old self.
And my thirteen-year-old self.
And my fourteen-year-old self.
And my fifteen-year-old self.
And my twenty-year-old self.

All I could see was you as my mirror,
and feel an earthquake rumbling
from fault lines still hidden,
still skewed,
even after all these years.

You are the most powerful woman in the world.
With your back straight
and jaw strong,
you still let the tears fall from your face
and collect in a heart cut wide open to me.

How did I not see you there?
How long have I not seen me?

You are not crazy.
You are not crazy because you perceive what others do not.
You not crazy for how deeply you feel, or the depth of love that you long for.
You are not crazy because your heart bleeds where others have closed theirs,
and you care about what others do not; could not.

You are not crazy because you feel when people dislike you;
when they hold anything other than love acceptance for your presence.
You are not crazy because you can read an intent behind a smile,
or know the truth in a lie.

You are not crazy for thinking the way you do;
to consider the life of a stranger long after they have passed by.
You are not crazy because tears fall from your face in laughter and joy as easily as sorrow and pain.
You are not crazy because they fall for no reason at all.

You are not crazy because you cannot speak the words that you really want to,
that you need to,
when others tell you to,
because you cannot bear to hurt another even if they've hurt you—especially if they've hurt you.

You are not crazy to say you love and hate life all in the same breath.
To feel as though you don't belong to this earth;
that you are from another planet.
You are not crazy because you cannot fit in with social norms—
not because you don't try, but because no matter what you do there is always a difference between you and them.

You are not crazy when you feel the wind hug your body,
or feel the heartbeat of the earth through the soles of your feet.
You are not crazy to be moved by the flight of a bird,
watching ripples in a pond,
or finding a stone that asks to be carried with you.

You are not crazy when you sing songs you've never learned with lyrics you can't remember,
yet they inspire so much hope and love within you that you simply cannot imagine how they haven't existed before you.

You are not crazy for living deeply.
For letting your soul speak for you.
For believing in yourself where others choose not to.

You are not crazy for being an individual,
separate from the way you were raised and all those you call friends.

If you do any of these things,
if any of this sounds familiar,
you are not crazy—
you are just witnessing your true self in a world full of souls asleep to theirs, and we need you.
We need you to be exactly as you are.

You are not crazy.
You are remembering.
And I thank you for being brave enough to be you.

Take yourself back to a safe place,
a sweet space;
a time of innocence and tenderness.

Take yourself back to the days of an easy ride,
some good vibes;
your memories of comfort and freedom.

Take yourself back to the stronghold of
a stiff mold;
when you stood up for differences,
and you won.

Take yourself back to the sunny days,
the sweet haze
of that one summer when everything just fell into place.

Remember these times.
Wrap yourself in their feelings.
Remind yourself that life is nothing more than a series of these moments;
a blanket, woven,
each stitch a marker of time.
Wrap yourself up in this memory of your life and let yourself be comforted by the 'rights' of your past, and know more wait ahead in your future.

You are an expert weaver.
You can't mess this up—trust me.
See what you are creating,
and let it take your breath away.