Which will you choose?

"All seeds of thought must be given attention, action, and dedication. As the seed grows, so does your idea until it bears the fruit of your efforts. If you do not know where you planted your intentions, your dreams begin to grow wild and become available for anyone to comment on, to harvest, or even destroy.

You can have faith and be afraid.
You can hold joy while being uncertain.
Nothing can be more frightening than being vulnerable, yet it is your responsibility to witness which energy you are operating from and to adjust your reactions accordingly. Fear is the only obstacle that stands in your way."

Spirit Channel
November 6th, 2016

This past weekend I was invited to spend the day reading Tarot at Wild Dog Rose, a tea boutique located in Louisville, Kentucky. Whenever I attend a psychic fair atmosphere there is always a theme behind the energy and questions. Saturday held no exception, and what I discovered was that there are a lot of unhappy hearts right now who are wasting their dreams on excuses. 

Fear is such a powerful illusion. Nothing can blanket the entirety of our human emotions like Fear can, and so many of us will never do anything more than what we are right now because of it, even if all that is, is hurting.

Fear can prevent a dream from manifesting; from two souls falling in love. It can prevent babies from being born, from new jobs being taken, and adventures from being made. 

Fear is shadows and darkness. It is a woman choosing the itchy turtleneck over the off-the-shoulder tee.

Fear can be as loud as a shotgun or as quiet as a whimper. And it is the only thing that can stop a life from truly beginning, and end a life that's already begun.

Love is the opposite of Fear. Love is what can make anything possible. It is what forms friendships out of strangers and relationships out of friends. 

Love can birth a child between two partners, or welcome the birth from another as our own. 

Love is foodstuff donated to a shelter; winter jackets tied to a light post. 

It is dogs and cats, and horses, and birds. Love is turtles, and fish, and trees, and water. It's the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs, and the earth that beats beneath our feet. 

Love is what creates communities out of houses and families out of people. It can bring a body out of addiction and a hold a heart strong during crises. 

Love is what can forgive the seemingly unforgivable, and is what makes the Fear worth fighting through.

We have to choose to live both: Love and Fear. One comes easier than the other because that's the nature of our human existence. We're pushed to our limits over, and over, and over again until we choose Love every time without question, and without stutter. 

Love is you. 
Love is me. 
It most certainly is the unseen that holds our hands and guides us both. 

When you find yourself dancing toe-to-toe with Fear, I hope you think about this message and remind yourself that the choice is always yours: survive in Fear or live in Love. 

May the light guide us through.