Be a vigilante of love

 "Tripping on injustice, the world falters on questions of discord and disrepair. No longer do its advocates rise for truth and solidarity, but cower for gain and employment. Throughout history, there are records of single humans who have incited grand wars for power and fought against the established rule to bring solvency and peace to their nations unkempt. How quickly it is forgotten the power of one!

You need not an army of warriors standing behind you to elicit change for you possess a legion of angels when you stand for truth, cooperation [and] harmony."

Wisdom of the Akashic Guides
September 20th, 2016

Jamie Homeister

I woke up feeling restless today. I had strange dreams last night of a need for release. There was just so much pressure around me- you couldn't see it, but you could feel it; a palpable charge in the air. I feel it still.

Be a vigilante of love today.
Offer compassion to a neighbor.
Call a friend.
Save a spider.
Do something, anything that is 'out-of-the-ordinary-kind'.

I know sometimes those acts can feel small, but send it out anyway. You have a legion of Angels standing behind you that will stretch that goodness out into the world farther than your eye can see. It may be a raindrop in the desert, but together we can make it pour.