United, You Stand Divided.

"What words can we speak to the fire burning in your belly? Could you, should you, accept the water that would extinguish its flames? Every one of you believes in your own cause. Your perspective is your reality and it cannot be forced to change. A change in perspective can only come from a change in the heart; a willingness to listen in a new way, speak with a new expression, and the desire to adjust the way the heart is interpreting the reality in which one lives. This type of development never comes easy and we consider it to be a hallmark of soul growth: to individually seek out and administer a change in one's perspective.

You march to show solidarity in your perspective and hope to impact the watchers by the breath of your size. Your goal is that the watchers will take notice and that they may receive the transmission of your perspective in a clear way. It is a beautiful demonstration of togetherness, yet still, United, you stand divided.

We feel it would be helpful to remind you that if another's heart-space is not in a position to receive clearly, the message is much more difficult to get through. We are not saying it cannot be done, oh-no! There are many who were thought to be stone turned to have a heart of gratitude, but there are always exceptional challenges to this.

Your political system is like a tree with a deeply embedded infection extending into its roots, which, through the continued absence of penalty has finally reached its way to show itself in the foliage—the one place it can no longer be hidden.

The roots of your political tree have extended themselves across the world, creating in some places an abrasive invasion while in others a welcome relief of aide and nourishment. Now, you're all forced with the tremendous responsibility of deciding the fate of an entity created that both diminishes and contributes to the lives and well-being of your people and beyond. A most difficult endeavor for the souls of your time, yet it is not a new one.

We ask that you remember that one person does not hold enough power to topple an established tree alone.
One person does not hold enough energy to heal it.
One person does not contain the knowledge on how to reshape and grow the tree in a new way.

There must be pushers who rise to the challenge, creating new stability.
There must be healers who clear the wreckage, giving aide to the damage that's been both suppressed and caused along the way.
And there must be leaders, those unafraid to honor the change that is good for all beings.

We feel it would be most helpful for you to focus on your own perspective, living it in a way that is authentic to you. Redirect your attention from being fed into the fear and the animosity that comes from division. Use that energy instead to honor what feels good to you:

Only together will you rise."

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel