The Reality of Dreaming

"Every day is a new opportunity to set things straight—
to live a life that feels good in all ways.

If you could start with making one action a day,
one choice,
one movement;
shifting a solitary perception that will help turn your dreams into reality,
even if that is just pinning a picture upon your wall,
this is taking action.

No step forward is a step too small,
and for many of you
all that's waiting is for you to make the first one."

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel

I understand how hard it is.
I understand what it means to wish for things that did not come,
to work for things that did not happen,
and pray for something that slips by just beyond your grasp.

I understand how quickly a heart grows weary by surviving on wishes alone
but I also know this:
there has been a gift in it all.

Under every crestfallen moment
and rug swept out from under my feet,
for every disappointment
and shooting star that burned away into the darkness,
there has been a reason why.

Just as I am responsible for pinning the dream to the dream board,
for following through with a phone call;
laying the extra brushstroke
or accepting the first kiss,
I am equally responsible for taking the risk to dream again.
And again.
And again.

Because actions are born from dreams
and life is born from actions,
and I want to know that I dared to take the steps to live a life that is rich with both.