The true light of power.

We all wish for Power.
The Power of voice,
to express;
to love fully and live freely.

We wish for Power to engage,
to inspire;
to say yes, no,
and to persevere.

We ask for the Power to dream,
to sustain,
to conquer.
To lead ourselves to victory.

We are all born in our Power. It's the flame in our lantern that houses our soul, lighting the way for us to live in our most true expression; the reason why we’re here, helping us do what we came here to do.

A flame that burns too strong will overpower and overrule. Like a wildfire raging in the strength of summer, a hunger for Power will engulf everything in its path without concern and without remorse.

A flame that burns too low tricks us into submission in life's challenges. The further we cater to our indecision the more we become blind to the light of choice. I lived in this shadow for a very long time, trying to stay warm in the glow of everyone else's light thinking I had none of my own. The Universe, she may be fierce, but she is an ally. She would see through my struggle and give me the opportunities to correct this false story I was living. For me, I had to learn what Power was by first experiencing all the things it wasn't.

Our families, our communities, and our circumstances may influence the strength of the glass that houses our Power's flame, but we are its fire keepers. Getting serious about my Power meant becoming responsible for everything that I was allowing to happen and everything that I wasn't. It meant redefining outdated concepts and taking action to make the changes I needed to live in a new way.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself squaring off with one of your own definitions of Power. Because it shows itself in strong emotional reactions like anger, bravery, or timidity, you're not likely to miss it when it happens. Utilize these moments as an opportunity to rethink how this expression is still serving you, if at all. Don't be afraid to challenge what may be the real opponent here - ourselves. How are we getting in the way of letting our new story's take hold?
Some key questions to help you:

  • Is this perception keeping me small or making my voice too loud?
  • Am I overextending myself or belittling others to compensate for an insecurity?
  • Am I feeling disapproved of or empowered by my reaction?
  • How do I wish I could handle this? With added grace or ferocity?
  • What would I need to change next time so I can (re)act in the way that I wish I could?

May our Power light the way.