In Between Stories

"Down the rabbit hole you continue to go.
Sometimes it can feel as though the closer to the light you get,
the thicker the trenches that line it become.
Please do not be dismayed.

This is part of the cleansing process and it is a testament to the truth in your experience.
Your society is in healing crises,
caught in between stories of the old and the new.
"We want to be better!" you scream.
"We want to be sovereign!"
But that sovereignty is buried deep in the lines of pressure and dis-ease.
The desire to fight has been suppressed for so long that it is an eruption of a prolific magnitude to the likes the younger generations have never seen.
But this is the way of the human race.
Every generation must go through its right to shape its reality based on the beliefs and advancements of its own era;
Not all wars are fought with guns.

We wish for you to know that we are so proud of all of you,
for even those who do not use their voice in a public way are cheering for the whole on the sidelines.
Their cheers matter,
their prayers contribute.
Please bless and honor them, too.

Living between stories is an extraordinarily uncomfortable place to be
because it is in this space there is nothing but blank pages;
nothing can feel more unnerving than staring at the face of a naked canvas.
But we ask you to see the truth of this--
that it is a gift that will extend far beyond your time and space.
What a gift it is that you have created this force!
No, you cannot erase what has been done but why should you?!
Why should you try to erase this marker in time that has created such tremendous experience for you all?

Your reality is changing; both personal and political. For some of you, it is one in the same.
With every action and inaction,
with every word spoken in heart and in mind,
your new story is being crafted.
Will you carry the old story into the new one?
Will you allow the experiences of what didn't work stain the potential of what could be?
Will you allow these tales to be recycled?
You so much closer to your success than you realize.
Hold strong."


Wisdom from the Grandmothers Circle
Spirit Channel