Accept the dance: a message of universal participation.

"Setting fire to the hearts of passion, the thunder of reason begins to roar through the clouds that made nest in the heads of the weary.

Many of you have been fighting wars within yourselves asking, 'Do I face the dream, or dare I face the consequences?' What if we were to tell you that making a choice does not create separation from the two?

There are no dreams manifested without consequence, nor do you waste moments spent on dreaming alone. There is a fine line between the two that can be danced, but its steps are learned only through participation. You are not faulted for sitting out, but you do miss the opportunity to practice. That is the only true consequence that we can see."

Spirit Channel
September 19th, 2016
Jamie Homeister

I am the queen of inaction. My ideas must first meet some extreme criteria of perfection for me to actually begin them, so you can only imagine how many have met any real sort of effort on my part. I recently spoke about this when I recounted my experience with 'The Isle of the Forgotten'. I still hold that somber image of wasted ideas in my heart. Even still, I know I that I continue to put aside my dreams but darn it— taking action can be just so damn difficult!

If you've ever had a fresh opportunity or idea, you know what I'm talking about. It often appears out of nowhere, like an out of your league dance partner with a rose in-between their teeth. The invitation comes at us with such excitement we're taken aback; the Universe is so happy to offer us 'the thing'. Truly! It saw us standing there and thought us worthy, so it asked us,"will you take this chance with me?"

And there are many of us who fiddle with our sleeves and toe the ground awkwardly weighing the pros and cons of it all. "But I've never danced to this song," we think. "Why did they pick me? Is this a trick? A test? Will I fall flat on my face? Will I step on their toes? I could make a huge fool of myself — Oh God — I don't want to make a fool of myself!" How very quickly our questions can override the joy of it all.

Instead, we give a little wave our hand and say, "No thank you, I'm just going to sit this one out." And secretly hope that they will come back in a few moments and ask us again when we're more expectant of the offer, or when the tune is a little more familiar.

But will they?

How many times have we said 'no' to someone or something when we really wanted to say 'yes'? I hope you can answer never, just as I hope you never choose to stand with your back against the wall because let me tell you friend, the universe will not wait for you. These offers expire. There are a hundred million souls out there who are all ready to access that same dream you were gifted with and half of them won't hesitate if they're asked to take the floor.

Success is never guaranteed, but we'll get a hell of a lot closer to it by taking even the smallest of actions forward than we will without. A step learned is a step earned and it's one less that you have to master. And I, for one, am tired of being a wallflower. If you're taking the time to read this, I imagine you are, too.

So this week, let us consider ourselves challenged to say 'yes.' Let us act on something and do something that we might ordinarily be very frightened of. Let us step away from the sidelines; rise out of our boxes! Allow yourself to see what comes of it. I'll do it with you and I'll post about it. I'm sure it will be ridiculous— but so what?! At least we will have tried and you won't be in it alone.

Eyes open, loves.
Hearts aware.