I honestly do not know where to start that’s how amazing Jamie is! Every time I work with her she definitely knows where I’m at in life. Her guidance, knowledge and advice is always on point with everything I ask her. She has helped me through a terrible break up to then leading me to this new and amazing relationship I have now. Jamie’s insight to so many of my situations have guided me to much better places in my life. She has such an amazing energy about her readings or medium-ship readings and her price is so beyond reasonable. I truly can not express enough gratitude to her!! I can say she has been a blessing to my life and I am glad I was guided to her a year ago. Thank you again Jamie for all your amazing work!!
— K.M.
Jamie’s shamanic journeys were nothing short of extraordinary. She described in details events that had happened to me, told me she saw a moment in time that no one else knew about. Her details were amazing! She might as well have been there herself. She explained what I needed to do going forward and how to do it and was supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. Jamie has gifts beyond anything else I have experienced. She is truly a one of a kind; honest, kind, nurturing, and wise beyond her years. I am grateful to have met Jamie!!
— S.F.
My reading with Jamie truly changed my life. The moment we started the session, she nailed everything- from the reasons I was seeking a reading, to traits I have struggled with and thrived on, to the way my ancestors were in their lives and are in the afterlife. The details she channeled were, without a doubt, specific to me and the people in my life. In channeling my ancestors, Jamie facilitated healing in a way I never thought possible- it brought forgiveness, acceptance, and repair of myself and past relationships with loved ones I didn’t believe could be repaired. Jamie also pointed out several traits to me, which have, in series, been the roots of self-sabotage, fear, and reluctance to the beauty of life. These are things I knew, but never had laid out so distinctly. Hearing and seeing these so clearly opened my world to newness and the possibility of living and loving fully. Because of Jamie’s insight, genuine nature, and true connection, I could connect with myself, wipe away the fog, and for the first time, not only see clearly the truths, adventure, and love right in front of me, but also accept and enjoy it all openly. My reading with Jamie led to forgiveness and acceptance of my past and opening up to an undoubtedly incredible future. I cannot thank her enough!
— R.A.
From the get go, it was clear to me whom she was channeling and how staggeringly in tune she is. Our connection was unbelievable. My ancestors and spirit helpers were wasting no time, and my questions were answered unambiguously. It became so uncanny I was actually laughing, not because the advice was outrageous, but because of how astonishingly relevant it was. She gave me clarity about the guilt, self doubt, and fear that I had developed in my life, then gave me the steps I need to fix them. The steps were undoubtedly specific to me. I couldn’t imagine a situation where the steps could be given to someone else as they regarded tools I’ve received through other ceremonies. I was stunned, but overjoyed at the same time. The whole experience never felt one sided, and it didn’t feel as though she was just spouting advice. I was having as real of a conversation as I’ve ever had.
— A.L.