Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings, Jamie Homeister 2019

Tarot Readings, Jamie Homeister 2019

a brief history of the tarot

The Tarot is a divinatory tool dating back to the 18th century. It’s thought the tarot was originally created as a specialty deck at the behest of the Duke of Milan to play a game called triumph, which is a card game similar to bridge. The Duke wanted more special cards, or “triumph” cards, then what a standard playing deck offered. What was constructed was a single deck that included four suits each with their own Page, Knight, Queen and King, along with 22 majors or symbolic picture cards that were non-denominational. The game was an instant hit and rapidly spread around the European countryside in the 1440’s, earning the “Tarot” moniker around 1530. It wasn’t until the late 1700’s when the tarot was embraced by its modern occultists and used as a tool for divination and introspection.

using the tarot today

While it is still widely popular to use the tarot as a tool of prophecy, I personally believe that the tarot is best utilized as a guide to accompany us as we navigate through our contemporary lives. The tarot is a valuable tool in our proverbial toolbox helping us access our own answers and inner wisdom waiting for us beyond the surface of our problems, and grants us the gift of alternative perspectives and pathways.

The tarot highlights our gift of choice.

Its up to us to follow or enact on the counsel received if we wish to resolve energy we feel enmeshed in.

how the tarot helps

A major challenge we face in the West is creating the space to stop and listen to our inner counsel when we feel lost and directionless. Everything in our modern culture suggests we must look outside of us for answers. Our society thrives off of our continuous distraction and response.

To obtain an accurate reading from the tarot, one must learn to pause and suspend all judgments and emotions. We are being taught mindfulness, presence, and how to ask ourselves the right questions. Our rewarded is clarity, connection, and vital plans of action.

When we connect to the tarot from a clear or neutral space (meaning non-emotional), we rewire our brain’s processing center through the stimulation and engagement of our right hemisphere.

Consistent, mindful use of the tarot can yield dramatic intuitive growth.

We authentically connect to our Higher Self and to Spirit through our imaginations. A single card pull a day coupled with its thoughtful review is more than enough to rediscover, realign, and nourish our own inner well of wisdom.

Tarot is a truth-teller. It's a guide that walks along side us asking that we slow down and be still for a moment so it can show us all the things we would have otherwise missed along the way.