Jamie Homeister

0. The Fool

this year’s focus is TRUST

Brand new beginnings bless the broad spectrum of your life. It’s a year of fresh starts and even fresher energy. Imagine for a moment that you’ve grown up in the same neighborhood for your entire childhood, then all of the sudden, without warning, it’s moving day. By the night’s end you’re in a new home, new city, and everything is the same, but different. For those who aren’t comfortable with change, this can feel like a constant challenge. Remind yourself that the universe is trying to help you breathe new blessings into your life. When given the choice to jump or be pushed, pull up those bootstraps kiddo and j-u-m-p! because you’re going off that edge either way. The more courage you show the better your attitude will be and the greater your outcome for it. 

Challenges: resistance, discomfort, fear, dissatisfaction 

Blessings: movement, growth, opportunities, change 

01. The Magician

This year’s focus is PERSONAL POWER.

If there is ever a year where you’ll have every opportunity to excel, this is it. Yet your success in every single endeavor will always come down to one key component: You. How much are you willing to work for it? How hard are you willing to fight? How artful can you be with resources? Where does your will reside? It’s as if the Universe is saying, “Well, if you want it so bad, show me! Show me you have what it takes to go after it, and stay after it! Show me you’re willing to commit to its care once it’s made yours.” The only thing that stands between you and “it,” is your focus and determination to make it so. Don’t hold yourself back from making a positive difference in your life.

Challenges: distractions, inhibitions, limitations

Blessings: high-energy, personal resolve, strength of mind

02. The High Priestess

This year’s focus is on INTUITION.

Years of the High Priestess are best completed lived in observation. We feel as though we’re standing on the sidelines, not quite in the with crowd but not removed from it either. It’s a year when, if listened to, the voice of our intuition and good judgment will speak louder than the ratchet opinions of others around us. And what a gift that is!

Your biggest obstacles this year will ask you to step away from the mold and embrace what the heart wants to do, even if mother says different. Our intuition will defy logic even on the best of occasions, and it can be hard to reason with oneself that any risk is worth reward. Stand up and make a commitment to yourself. Trust your instincts and let them show you they know better than anyone else how to lead *your* way. 

Challenges: Others opinions gain in strength,  judgements, inhibition 

Blessings: finding our voice, heightened intuition, strength of purpose

03. The Empress

ThIs year’s focus is on NURTURING

How do you take care of yourself? How do you take care of others? Do you take proper care of your pets? Your water?   Your land? The planet?

How tidy is your home? Your office? Your car? 

What do you feed your body? Is it of the same quality as what you feed your children? Do you put care and attention into what you feed your dreams? The Universe asks you, “How do you take care of what you’ve accepted to be in charge of?” And that question will literally encompass everything in your entire life. Make no mistake, how you take care of one thing is how you take care of everything.

This year is best won by slowing down. It’s all about connection. Use your energy wisely. Connect only with what connects back with you. Don’t mistake any obligations as siphons— this just isn’t true. What ever we connect or commit to requires some sort of personal sacrifice on our part, be it time, energy, or resources. But look for that in which you are in happy receipt of energy too. As Marie Kondo so wisely asks, “Does this bring me joy?” If it does, hold it close and allow this year to teach you about expanding intimacy. If it doesn’t, thank it for its teachings and let it go with love.

Challenges: overindulgence, codependency, enablement

Blessings: grounding, greater connectivity to earth and life, feelings of belonging

04. The Emperor

the Year’s of the Emperor focus is on ORDER.

It’s time to get real with ourselves which often means getting realistic about our circumstances. One of my main goals as a professional intuitive reader for others is to bring people back into the present. Everyone wants to learn about their future, but that information isn’t going to help them one little bit if they’re still caught up in the whirlwind of yesteryears.

The emperor is the archetypal father who sits us down at the dinner table when we’re eighteen and ready to graduate. He asks us to get serious about ourselves and our life. What exactly are our goals now? What do we want to accomplish? Do we have a five-year plan? Have we considered making a will? Where have we invested long-term into our material world? Is it substantial enough to contain us, to feed us, to clothe us, and guide us through the seasons yet to come?

A good father demonstrates when it’s time to be tender and when it’s time to work. He shows us that we can roll up our sleeves to do the work while still being generous with our time. That we can hold others accountable while still being compassionate to their position. That we are masculine and feminine; yang and yin. We get to be both and both we must be; in balance of strength and poise, grace and thunder. 

Challenges: inflexibility, shallowness, conceit, selfishness

Blessings: grace in strength, leadership, overcoming adversary, organization, positive compromise

05. The Hierophant

This year’s focus is to REVEAL. 

What if everything you ever believed is wrong?

What if you have imposed your own ceiling on your “can do’s”, and have boxed yourself in with your “can’t?” What if the story of your family, your past, your heritage, your friendships, your spirituality is all wrong, built on a series of misconception after misconception, handed down from one painful storyteller to the next? What if the way you live your entire life is crafted around a single perspective? What would you do if you were to  find out that perspective was merely an illusion? A missed opportunity turned sour over time. A generations long embedded code of spiritual righteousness. A survival story based on lies. This is nature of the truths The Hierophant REVEALS: stories of origin that are outdated, defunct, and straight-up bullshit. How did we come to be where we are? What’s the real truth of our past, not just the story we tell ourselves? It’s time to get real and pull back the covers. There’s so much more we could be seeing and embracing in this life. There’s so much more to it than what we think we know. It’s time to get in the now deeply and truly. Prepare yourself to sink into new answers to life’s biggest questions you didn’t even think to ask.

Challenges: feeling helpless, misogyny, colonialism, idealism, inflexibility, restriction, self-oppression

Blessings: positive commitment, self-improvement, aligning beliefs to ideals and ideals to action. 

06. The Lovers

This year’s focus will be on your RELATIONSHIPS.

Everything we are, everything we do, everything we connect to creates a relationship. We are in a relationship with our work just as much as we are with our partners. We form a relationship with our self-image through the relationships of our friendships. What we feel and the language we use about our homes, our bedrooms, our furnishings, our cars; our wardrobes, our income, and our collections of bits and bobbles, these are all microcosms of the greater relationship that we have with life. Make no mistake: every single component of it matters.

Love is the primary nutrient from which all of the healthiest aspects of our relationships must grow. Love is not automatic. It is earned through time, test, and toil. Therefore Love in all its forms, given and received, must be respected. We must learn how to be in love without losing ourselves. To respect what we have before we grasp for different or for more. To Love wholly and unconditionally those we have promised; the ones we let in, and the ones we let go.

Love is such a complex and beautiful emotion. It moves our heart and stirs our souls in a way only the purest form of magic can. Love is magic. It is the greatest form of healing power one can extend and withhold. It expands the energy of everyone or everything we give our Love to. 

This year, the Universe will ask you to evaluate all you’ve chosen to be in relationship with. It asks us put into question whether we’ve filled our life with relationships that we’ve chosen to tolerate, or relationships we’ve chosen to Love. For many of us, it’s both. For some of us, the answer may be neither. In any regard, we must be ready to ask ourselves perhaps the most important question of all: what are willing to do about it? Will we a call a relationship in? Hold the one we have close? Will we love what’s ours deeper? Will we free it, be it, exonerate it, or let it go? The quality of our life depends on the clarity of our relationships. So, get clear. Then, get lovin’.

Challenges: intolerance, disconnection, complicated extremes, imbalance, insecurity

Blessings: soul connection, intimacy, trust, partnership, love, safety, security, vulnerability


07. strength

This year’s focus is on overcoming inner obstacles