The secret to life is...

If we were to speak to you today about the trials upcoming, we would laugh and say life is as fun as you make it! We understand there are situations which cannot be approached with a jovial disposition; sometimes there are simply no laughs that can be created, but ahh.. what a joy that it in itself! To be so caught up in the range of emotions that a human can experience! One minute you're covered in a blanket of disparity and the next you're so lighthearted and with wings! We know you see this as instability, but we view it as a benefit--a perk to living.

Jamie: "How on earth can this be positive? Isn't the whole goal of all of this energy work to live in emotional balance?"

"We would ask you to reconsider what you're asking us. What truth are you taking in from that statement? Are you seeking emotional neutrality? To experience your life in an unwavering state? Is that harmony to you? Is that how you believe the universe to work?

Everything experience sadness just as it experiences joy. This remains true for humans just as it does for river stones; for animals as the trees. You may receive this information in a way that is different from one another, but the essence of the feeling remains the same. The state of grief does not change with the exchange of hands. To be in a state of observance, to feel nothing all of the time is apathy. Where is the fun in that?

The benefits of this process, of learning stillness and embracing peace creates a reliable pathway that you can use to find happiness faster. Make no mistake, those in this world who are considered to be the happiest also hold the potential to be the saddest. They are often without things and resources. At any time, they can view their situation as limited, yet when those emotions and fears come sweeping in (and they do!), they seek the stillness to come to center so they can reclaim joy again. A life well lived isn't one who has learned how to avoid adventure, it is one who has learned how to right a capsized ship.

Sometimes life is scary.
It's lonely and disappointing.
It's frustrating and painful.
But life is also responsive.
It's exciting and rewarding;
endearing and gentle.
The easiest trick to life is just that: to live