A love note from the universe: Don't hold back! The world needs you.

If we were to offer our advice today, we might suggest that your voice within be allowed a moment to see the light of your day. That you do not hold back, even if its only for a second or two, and you offer another a genuine moment with you; to see you for exactly who you are.

How you do this doesn't matter--a post, an email, a letter, a card; a hello, a hug, a request, or an answer. It doesn't take much effort to be genuine, but it does require courage. To all those who choose to follow through, to us, you are the bravest.


 Jamie Homeister is a professional sacred artist. A psychic, medium, tarot reader, medium, spirit channel, and shamanic practitioner. She brings these talents together in both private sessions and on a public platform through intuitive artwork and writing.