When living as an adult fails, learn to love yourself as a child.

Caress the nature of yourself, of your being. Caress your heart as if it were your child's. Hold yourself in that same love, that same knowing of where the goodness begins--
hold yourself accountable through gentle manifestation.

Remember that a child has to be encouraged and shown the correct way to do something many times.
We do not expect them to ‘get it’ on the first try,
no, we allow their goodness to form.
We allow them the space to take shape
and to be crafted by many hands;
by many outputs in the community.

A boy is not formed into a man by one.
It is the knowledge and experiences of many that crafts his perception of will, strength, and aptitude. A girl is not shaped into a woman by one. She taught by supporting women who help her to rise into herself.

We do not chisel away at our sons and daughters, hammering our own will into their being, we give them the allowance to stretch and shrink until they discover who they are; how they are. Why does this allowance end with youth?
Why does this allowance not extend into your adult selves?
You are continually becoming more.
Growth does not stop at twenty, not even in your bodies. Even your height continues to fluctuate with the curve of your spine
and strength of your shoulders;
by the will of your neck and the tip of your chin.

Do you understand what we are saying? You do not lose your elasticity to learn and grow with age. You remain responsive to lessons and community. You remain responsive to your experiences. So we ask you again, why do you not give yourself the allowance to grow? To make mistakes?

Chin up.
Spine straight.
Your experience stands within you.


  Jamie Homeister is a professional sacred artist. A psychic, medium, tarot reader, medium, spirit channel, and shamanic practitioner. She brings these talents together in both private sessions and on a public platform through intuitive artwork and writing.