The more you work on yourself, the less you weigh. Let go of the emotional drag.

The more you work on yourself, the less you weigh. If you've ever freed yourself from a considerable burden, you'll understand what we mean. It's felt within' the first step after saying 'no' to what feels wrong, and  'yes' to what feels right. You move with a feeling of buoyancy, a weightless suspension, unrestricted by the acknowledgment of the truth within yourself.

If only you could see the colors of your spirit in these moments! You look like a rainbow of light, reviving the world with color everywhere you go.

You are a free soul, bound only by your choosing. If we were to recommend one action for you to take today and moving forward in the power of this week, it would be to spread your wings and take flight. Break a cycle. Break the chains. Stop it in its place if only for a moment and remember what it is like to feel the power of liberation from yourself. Remember what it is like to refract the light and not just stand in the reflection of others. Wherever you move, we move with you.

 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist, psychic, medium, tarot reader, medium, spirit channel, and shamanic practitioner. She brings these talents together in both private sessions and on a public platform through intuitive artwork and writing.