Q&A: Fate and Destiny Explained by Spirit Guides [A Spirit Channel]

After sitting through a very thorough astrology reading looking forward into 2017, I walked away with a heart full of information but apprehensive about my ability to fulfill everything foretold. The accuracy of her reading on my natal chart (placements of planetary influences at the time of my birth) was astounding, and I wondered if all of that had been predestined by the planets, how much control do we really wield over our future? So I took my question to the folks who know best: the Akashic guides. This is the conversation channeled in its entirety.

Jamie: "Fate. How does it work?"

Akashic Guides: "Could you be more specific, please?"

Jamie: "Well, I guess what I want to know is how can someone truly take charge of their future if fate and destiny are dictating everything along the way? In that respect, if it is my fate to be an artist then I could never become a successful doctor. Sometimes I feel so limited by this idea and that only specific dreams are achievable. What if I miss my destiny?"

Akashic Guides: "It might be helpful to talk about 'fate' and 'destiny' first. These are two very different things and not meant to be interchangeable. Fate is where the universe steps in to create a particular movement, or opportunity for an event in your life to happen. Destiny is the grand idea of your life, the general scheme or plot that the lessons of your living will evolve around.

"When you come into this life, you do so in complete understanding of your character. You decide which major challenges you wish to try to overcome and what soul growth you would like to focus on. Circumstantials like the family you will be born into, your passions, place of birth, even the approximate age of your death are all known and conveyed. You choose which talents you would like to use in this lifetime and in most cases, they have been cultivated over many, many lifetimes; an artist truly is not born, they are made.

"Throughout your life, challenges will arise from the construct of free-will, both yours and all the others you interact with. Fate will intervene at specific times to assist you with pre-determined events. These events are markers on your journey, push-pins on your soul's map meant to encourage the growth from an old response to a new one. Fate only requires that these events happen but your free-will determines how you respond to them. So in that respect, yes, you can miss your marker but there is always another up ahead to correct your path.

"If we were to address a part of your question, "if I am destined to be an artist than I can never be a doctor", we would answer that this is not a truthful statement. Your destiny is the life map you've chosen for yourself based on the talents you came with to cultivate. If your soul loves music, then perhaps you would have chosen to be born with parents who would foster the discipline needed to learn the piano. If you love art, then you might choose to live a life that requires you make use of your artistic expression. To go against this path, say, to choose mathematics instead of dance or be idle instead of active, often leads to a feeling of great misalignment with oneself. There are the souls who suffer deeply, languishing in their despair because they are living in a way that goes against the natural path of their life. They are living against their own destiny.

"This is why we always encourage you to seek your dreams. It is most fortuitous for you to put effort into what you naturally admire and relearn skillsets and advancements in the new ways of your era. We would love nothing more than to watch you take those talents and interests and cultivate a life utilizing them to the best of your capability, for a life spent extending time to doing what one loves, truly loves, will be a soul that always lives up to their destiny."

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 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.