Exhale White: Breathe the Peace Within' You. [A Spirit Channel]

"Upon your breath are the whispers
of all of us who collectively gather around you.
Upon your breath is the stillness of Spirit.
Of the peace that we know;
the calm that you seek.

Upon your breath,
every exhale is an opportunity
to extend peace;
a will of serenity
sending out into the world;
into your home,
into your community,
into your very self.

Upon this exhale
you can cleanse your aura,
your emotional body,
and change the green to white.

When your breath catches in your throat,
when your lungs seize,
when you cannot take in the vital life force
that is air into your body,
it is because you are feeling restricted in your life.
You are feeling restricted in your dreams
and your capabilities of being; seeing, living, knowing.
There is oppression there.
There is oppression in your lung space.
Oppression to be as you are and to live as you will.
Whether that oppression comes from external factors or internal,
whether that oppression is felt, sensed or seen, know this:
that oppression has to be allowed by you in some way,
therefore you are restricting your own air.
You are restricting your own way of being.
You are restricting your own dreams
and you are restricting yourself from being free to live in the white.

And I know what you're thinking—we all know what you're thinking (*chuckles*),
We hear you, we hear you;
'But Grandmothers, how can I live in 'the white' if I don't know what 'the white' is?
And how can I become unrestricted if I don't know where I am tying the noose?'

This is where the stillness comes in.
This is where the calm begins.
This is where you stand tall in strength,
with mercy, and grace,
This is where you are learning peace.

Exhale white.
Let it seep from your bones
and pass through your skin.
Let it permeate the air around you.

Exhale white.
Let it change your color.
Your vibration.
Your message to the day
and to the world.

Exhale white.
Know that when you do
it is not an extension of us,
it is the reflection of you;
Your purity.
Your offerings.
Your being.
Exhale white to know you."

Wisdom from the Grandmother's Circle,
Spirit Chan


 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.