Do you face the dream, or do you face the consequences?

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel

"Setting fire to the hearts of passion, the thunder of reason begins to roar through the clouds that made nest in the heads of the weary. Many of you have been fighting wars within yourselves asking, 'Do I face the dream, or dare I face the consequences?' What if we were to tell you that making a choice does not create separation from the two?

There are no dreams manifested without consequence, nor do you waste moments spent on dreaming alone. There is a fine line between the two that can be danced over, but its steps are learned only through participation. You are not faulted for sitting out, but you do miss the opportunity to practice. That is the only true consequence that we can see."

 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.