What is the cycle of attraction? Well, let us tell you...

Wisdom from the Grandmother Circle
A Spirit Channel

"There are many ways in which we interpret the signs of life around us. Symbols are used by every earth walker as cues to direct and redirect your pathways and navigate through the infrastructure of choice that shapes your world. Do you stop to consider what signs and signals you're sending to others? To the universe at large?

If your thoughts are responsible for creating your reality, what you think to be true about yourself and others shapes the way you experience this dream. Consider for a moment the power of manifestation that your words hold.

To combine thought with voice connects two extraordinary gifts you possess. Like striking a match to a flame, what you speak becomes 'what is,' even if that's only subjective to the internal experience.

We can see nothing more significant to your life than your clarity of feelings. So to get ahead, to move away from the familiar rut in the road, doesn't it make sense to start there? To start changing how you perceive what's around you? To start defining how you feel and why?

The way you think shapes the way you speak.
The way you speak attracts what you experience.
What you experience influences the way you think.
Do you see this loop here? Do you see how much power you truly hold?"