You are brave enough to swim in the uncertian depths of tomorrow.

Wisdom from the Akashic Guides
Spirit Channel

"Clarity in waters with unmatched forces is difficult to obtain. You cannot comprehend the depth of life and potential an ocean holds until you're immersed in it, seeking and exploring not to see how far it goes, but how far you will.

Life is cyclical, but the diversity of energies that surround you will ensure there is nothing repetitive about it. Every day forward builds on the energy left from the day before. Courage puts our foot into the water, but it is our resilience that will keep you swimming through the dark spots.

Be brave today. Launch yourself off of yesterday and dare to step into something a little less familiar. Answers wait for you there."

 Jamie Homeister is a sacred artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.