A message to all lightworkers: Rise and we rise with you.

Wisdom from the Grandmothers Circle
Spirit Channel

"Hear us as we speak. Know our presence as we sit with you. Trust in our ability to lead you not to the prosperity of life that you seek, but beyond it in always imaginable. How are you limit yourself! How you close the doors that are otherwise open! We would love nothing more than to serve you if that is your true intent, and invite you to be with us regularly, remembering what it is like to be in flow with your true self – in reflection of the Creator and all there is.

We consider serving with you the greatest honor, for through you we can see the hearts of mankind and help facilitate healing and progression of the souls who trust in you and align with your vibrational messages.
The importance of shedding-
the importance of flow-
the importance of becoming heightens as you seek to empower and discover new ways to give our old messages.

Rise, and we rise with you.
Bloom, and we bloom with you.
Weep, and we weep with you.
Truly a collective conscious is just that – a collection of like thoughts, hearts, and minds that flow from one to the other. We are no exception."

 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.