The past is meant to learn from, not focus on.

The most difficult part of human nature is that you live with no promises, not even the assurance of time. The gift of life can quickly ebb way to the continuing challenges that arise, which feel especially caustic with those who already struggle with identity and purpose. Vehemently do we declare this to you in all forms of light and truth: There are no pieces of you missing.

Choices made are what is. It does you no good to ruminate on the past or wish moments away, for, in all the positive and negative that you manifest in your lives, the only true power you hold is the power that exists in this moment. How will you choose to harness it? Through the wistful tears of what could have been, or by listening for our whispers to inspire discovery of what can be?

In stillness you find us.
In calm, we answer."

Wisdom from the Grandmothers Circle
Spirit Channel

 Jamie Homeister is a Sacred Artist with talents specializing in psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, spirit channeling, shamanic healing, intuitive artwork, and writing.