Spider Medicine

I had a reading a few weeks ago where a woman came to me wanting to know about Spider's medicine. Curious, I asked her to explain a little bit more and she said that spiders have been out of control lately, building enormous webs across her house and gathering in masses that frighten her. They were falling on her, crawling on her, biting her; spiders, spiders, spiders!

The Spider has extremely powerful medicine. Tales of Grandmother Spider have been spun for centuries, weaving her as the creator of the earth; putting stars in the sky; the bringer of fire to man. When Spider appears, she asks us to listen to the stories we are choosing to tell ourselves and tell others about us. How are you speaking of yourself to others? What is your story that you choose to share? How do your words weave your tale? Are you creating your own story based on your own dreams, or have you become ensnared in web of someone else's?

Another message of the Spider is to consider the monolog that's been running through your head lately. If times have been hard, where is the blame being focused? More importantly, are you really as stuck as you feel?

The chaos of life is the only thing that's guaranteed. When something lands in your web breaking the pattern, the routine, Spider asks, "What are you doing to mend it?" Small things snared can be removed and the web repaired and returned to as it was but when something bigger unexpectedly crashes through, it is wiser to deconstruct and start over.

Sometimes, the Spider can just appear to remind us that universe is on our side today. Blessings are headed our way but we must act quickly. Our web may be strong enough to snare them, but it's up to us to accept them as ours.

May the blessings be yours.