Services Overview

A current list of my offerings. Check back often. As I expand, so do my practices. 
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Length: 30 - 45 Minutes
$125.00 USD (+ shipping, if applicable)

Through color and symbolism, an analysis is created of your energetic system: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. A Chakragraph acts like a psychic map of the body, offering a snapshot of the journey of the soul. This is not only a valuable tool for those who are active in their healing or spiritual pursuits, but a proven asset to acupuncturists, psychologists, and hypnotherapists to facilitate a deeper healing plan by being able to target where the energetic memories have settled during specific life events.


Length: 45+ Minutes
$65 USD

Combining my shamanic skillsets with Reiki training, I work within the intention that all which is removed and integrated be in your highest & best. This is considered more intensive than Reiki. 


Length: 20 Minutes
$35 USD

Tarot and oracle readings utilize the use of an ancient, divinatory tool that helps me understand complex situations that are playing out in your life. I have been reading Tarot for over twenty years and have given hundreds, if not a thousand readings during this time. My readings are clear, concise, and examine all the underlying bits of information that may not be readily noticeable while you’re deeply embedded in a situation.

Every choice we make leads to another. There are hundreds of different roads we can choose to walk on at any given time, during any situation. It's no wonder so many of us stay confused! It is my personal goal to point out specific markers on your life's map that will help you get from 'point a' to 'point b' with the least amount of resistance.


Length: Varies

Shamanic healing is a perfect complement modern medicine, and I believe can often the missing link that allows healing and recovery to rapidly progress. Shamanic practices help us to release the stranglehold of old patterns we can stuck in, and unwind us from the cords that prevent growth and abundance from forming in our lives. This work is especially helpful for those who are suffering with PTSD, chronic depression or bad luck, ancestral issues, abuse or self harm cycles, and can exponentially aide in trauma recovery. 

Please note: I am not a licensed medical professional.
This or any service I offer is not meant to replace the services of licensed healthcare professionals.