How I Conduct My Sessions

Every session begins before you even arrive. I sit with my spiritual team and learn why you are coming to see me, your current life lessons and challenges, what your helpers would like for you to know, and how I can help prepare you to seize all of the great opportunities that are coming your way.  The length of time that's needed to go over this information varies, but it always manages to coincide with exactly what you are needing.

All Skype sessions are recorded and emailed to you free of charge.

About My Public Readings

By holding onto the intention of reading tarot cards or channeling message for the conscious collective, it's like a little invisible beacon gets launched into the world when I hit the ‘post’ button. That beacon calls out to all those within reach who are ready to hear it, many of whom just happen to stumble on these messages at the perfect time. It’s one of the many powers of synchronicity.

"A good intuitive never grabs the wheel. She helps people see a reasonable route and know the pitfalls and lessons along the way. She has them match what they are intuitively feeling with the advice. Besides, no one can be 100 percent accurate with predictions. Our future is what Sanskrit calls the parabhda karma, the bodily destiny combined with what we create through our evolving actions and thoughts. Learning to keep our vibration high and positive is the key. We make our future anew every day, since life is a mix of fate and free will, with a dash of mystery that could never be fully read.

In a good reading you are empowered, not some quaking victim of predictions. Your deepest intuitions are confirmed as your body feels the rightness of what you hear. "

- Excerpt from 'Outrageous Openness: Letting The Divine Take the Lead', by Tosha Silver

Current Appointment Types

Full Psychic Assessment
Length: 1 Hour
$125 USD
A one-on-one psychic assessment combining all of my senses and skill-sets to deliver accurate and evidential information to you. These sessions cover all the bases of everything going on in your life, and what to expect upcoming.
Included are:
+ Spirit channeled messages and information
+ Pastel Chakragraph reading delivered in a .pdf format (You will have the option to upgrade this to an archival painting.)
+ Tarot & psychic information on past, present and future opportunities and obstacles regarding your financial state, relationships, spiritual guidance, and overall health.

Chakragraph: Psychic Artwork
Length: 30 Minutes
$75 USD
This service is for a hand constructed Chakragraph and reading. Similar to an Auragraph, I psychically tune into your energetic body to see the state of each chakra and record it with various substrates. Using this information, I will conduct a psychic reading that will help explain how your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are working for, and against you, and offer solutions to reinstate proper energy flow. You will receive the original artwork in the mail upon completion. (You can see the latest examples here )

Tarot Readings
Length: 30 Minutes
$45 USD
Tarot and oracle readings utilize the use of an ancient, divinatory tool that helps me understand complex situations that are playing out in your life. I have been reading Tarot for over twenty years and have given hundreds, if not a thousand readings during this time. My readings are clear, concise, and examine all the underlying bits of information that may not be readily noticeable while you’re deeply embedded in a situation.
Every choice we make leads to another. There are hundreds of different roads we can choose to walk on at any given time, during any situation. It's no wonder so many of us stay confused! It is my personal goal to point out specific markers on your life's map that will help you get from 'point a' to 'point b' with the least amount of resistance.

Length: 30 Minutes
$35 USD
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Shamanic Work
30 Minute Diagnostic Call
Shamanic work is often considered the missing link to healing. Where doctors heal the body and psychiatrists the mind, the shamanic practitioner works with their spirit team to clear ancestral and energetic disturbances in the environment, human body, spirit and soul. All shamanic work will require a diagnostic call to discuss if the work is a good fit for the problem. This initial work is a free service. Pricing for the work and completion time will be discussed once the depth of the work is understood. All Shamanic services begin at $75.00 USD.

Current Shamanic Services:
+ Soul retrievals
+ Integration
+ Power retrieval
+ Ancestral healing/cleansing
+ Ritual and divination
+ Land blessing/clearing

About Shamanism
Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing known to mankind. In Shamanism, we honor the earth and all it's creations, believing every thing on this planet has a soul. A rock, a plant, a bee, a dog, a mountain, they all can be communicated with and deserve our respect. Through this respect, balance can be achieved between our interconnected species.

In the Shamanic teachings, we are taught how to go to the other side of the veil where spirits dwell. We do this through an active meditation guided by a percussion instrument, such as the beat of a drum. It's called a shamanic journey. When in a shamanic journey, the shamanic practitioner can get advice for oneself or a client, and they become the vessel that spirit needs to help create spiritual, emotional and physical healing within the human experience.

Shamanic healing is often the missing link in health care. Where psychiatrists work to heal the mind and physicians work to heal the body, it is the shamanic practitioner who works to heal the soul. It is of the shamanic belief that things like power loss affect us deeply and cannot just be cured with medicine alone. While the medicine may be needed (and absolutely all advice of a licensed physician should come first), when you stop the medicine, such as an antidepressant for example, the problem returns. That's because the soul has suffered a trauma of some sort and medicine only masks the symptoms, it does not heal the psychic wound.

My process is to preform a diagnostic journey to ask if I am the right person to do the work, and get a full understanding of what that work is. I will return to my client and relate all the information in full. It should perfectly match with what is going on in your life. Just like in my psychic and tarot readings, all journeys have their own evidence and you should resonate with it completely.

It is important that all prospective clients understand that healing is not always linear. Meaning, what needs to be healed for your a problem in your adult relationship may not be something that happened in your relationship. More times then not, childhood traumas are asked to be resolved. Sometimes the problem stems from unresolved ancestors, while others can even stem from past lives. It is vital that you resonate with the evidence so you can trust your practitioner. Faith is important here.

Healing begins before the work is done. Just by taking this action to learn about shamanism, you're already inviting healing energy into your body. Healing does not always come in the way that you expect and can show itself in ways that you never even thought were connected. It's a radical process that takes time to unravel. You will feel a benefit within a week of the work, but you may not understand what that benefit is until a month has passed.

In my practice, I believe in responsibility. I can be the conduit for Spirit to help create the change but it must be the client's responsibility to make the changes necessary so the healing work can stick. All clients are given advise to follow on how to nurture the work that's been done. If properly adhered to, the typical (and I use that word loosely here) time to be living in the full benefit of the work is between three to six months. I always request a three month follow-up Skype call. It's free of charge and we sit for about half an hour to discuss how things of changed for you and answer any questions. Of course, I remain available during your healing time for counsel.