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Barbara Bloecher, Shaman's Earth

Barbara Bloecher studies and shares many sacred shamanic spiritual teachings, ceremonies and healing practices. She is available for Shamanic workshops, presentations, Shamanic healings, and divination. Barbara also currently teaches/facilitates a weekly universal law and meditation class in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, or to register for local metaphysical mailings, please contact her directly at one of the links below.

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Gina Millard, Shaman's Fire

Gina Millard is a shamanic practitioner and teacher located in Louisville, Kentucky.  
"From my perspective, stepping onto your shamanic path isn't about learning something new. It's about unleashing what's held within your soul's memory. Your call to shamanism is about tapping into that primal memory to embrace and expand it in order to better flow with the rhythms of your life.
My goals are to provide you with the tools required to light or rekindle the shamanic fire that dwells within your soul, assist you in developing a strong connection to Spirit, and help you facilitate your own personal healing, empowerment and discovery." - Gina Millard

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Wild Dog Rose is a tea boutique committed to offering the resources needed to maintain a healthy, ethical, and informed metaphysical lifestyle.
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Derby city consent

Derby City Consent is a group to support survivors of sexual assault. Founded in April 2016, DCC hopes to end rape culture in our city, state, region and country. Each April, an Awareness Walk will take place in Louisville as well as multiple healing projects throughout the year.

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Free spirit delicacies

Eco-Friendly Herbal and Crystal Curated Goods Blessed with Reiki + Sacred Sound Current

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The kula center/ Inner Spring Yoga

The Kula Center is your destination for health and wellness in Southern Indiana.  Located in downtown New Albany, services currently include yoga instruction, massage, health coaching, cupping, intuitive wellness readings and meditation.

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Dailey Wellness & Massage, LLC

Jason Dailey is a massage therapist who currently provides, massage, Reiki, cupping, Kinesio taping, Shirodhara, and more.

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Sarah Beth Adel is offers acupuncture, Chinese medicine and fire cupping. 

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