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Chakragraphs: An Introductory Workshop

  • The Kula Center 802 East Market Street New Albany, Indiana 47150 United States (map)
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Creativity is one of those intimidating words, like artist, musician, writer, and so on, which has been co-opted to mean something rarefied and unreachable. We think of ourselves as being ‘a creative type’ or not, as if it were a quality bestowed on the chosen few. But if we take the word it back to its true origins, we find the root “crescere”, a word which means to come forth, spring up, grow, thrive, swell. Like the crescent moon, creativity is the living impulse in each of us which continually begins again.

Whether we are inventing a new recipe, combining outfits, or simply looking at things in a new way, we are compelled to recreate our world again and again. When things get too stagnant or comfortable, we begin to feel restless and wild. Our vitality is inextricably bound up with creativity. The instinct to create is what keeps life pulsing through our veins.
— Toko-Pa Turner, excerpt from 'Belonging'

Explore the magical properties of watercolor in this introductory Chakragraph workshop. Learn the basics of contemporary watercolor painting and how you can use this media to enrich your life with awareness, resolution, and integrity.

Chakragraphs are intuitive art paintings that show the true state of the subtle bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and etheric auras. Each layer of the auric system stores a tremendous wealth of information about our life that each of us can access regardless of our experience and knowledge. We can then choose to use that information in a good way and help us to better understand our circumstance, choices, and even facilitate powerful changes in our perspectives.

The Chakragraph System was born in 2014 during my work as a Reiki practitioner. After years of nurturing and growth, and completing hundreds upon hundreds of readings all across the world, I have pieced together everything I know into a series of workshops that will gift you this information too.

’An Introduction to Chakragraphs’ is your invitation to partake in an innovative and compassionate practice of self-reflection. It is my hope this workshop and all my subsequent offerings will help you to better your life, thereby the lives of others just as I have witnessed in my own.

Ages 18+
This is a sacred workshop. YOU are safe and welcome here.
This is beginner friendly! No prior experience or prior knowledge about any expressed topics is necessary.

All course materials are included in your tuition pricing and yours to take home. The materials received in this workshop will be transferable between all subsequent courses.

Due to the intimate nature of this class, seating is limited.

Your tuition includes:
- Five-hour instruction
- Professional grade materials including top-tier brands such as Arches, Winsor & Newton, and Princeton Brushes.
- Exclusive 20-minute guided meditation and halotherapy treatment in Sukhino Float & Halotherapy Center's Indoor Salt cave
- Light refreshments & a safe environment to learn in

Investment Cost: $200 per person

The Chakragraph System is a series of classes that stand alone.
Part I: Introduction to Watercolor & The Chakragraph System
Part II: Advanced Techniques: Adding Anatomy, Numerology and Symbolism (tba)
Part III: Reading for Others: Crafting an Ethical & Successful Practice (tba)
Part IV: Moving Beyond the Individual: Reading Relationships, Families, Land, and Businesses (tba)

50% deposit is required at the time of booking and is considered non-refundable. Please book mindfully.
Payments will be required in full two weeks leading up to the event date. Missed or late payments will not guarantee your spot in class and you may be required to forfeit your deposit. Any cancellations made within seven days leading up to the event date will be considered non-refundable. You may be eligible for payment arrangements or hardship consideration. Please contact to apply for eligibility.