Jamie Homeister


Where color and intuition
create one unique offering


Chakragraphs are my own take on intuitive art readings. Through color and symbolism, the current state of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being is created. How the art is rendered tells me a story all about you. It's like a snapshot of the soul, bringing forth evidential information about your life and living.

Using all of my senses, I will intuitively tune into your energy and allow the colors to reveal information about your personality, your emotional patterns, mental habits, and physical body; childhood, ancestral lineage, career, social challenges, relationships, and so much more. 

Chakragraphs are an exciting and fun way to receive an energy reading. They will validate previous and current experiences while offering new perceptions to any present challenges and future opportunities. Chakragraphs help support our health and wellness by providing information of the physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies, which in turn helps us to create a more meaningful life experience rich with awareness and integrity. Read More...



Community readings and events are held monthly around the Kentuckiana area.


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