+ I want to get a Chakragraph. How much do they cost?

Chakragraphs are currently priced at $125 for a local session, $132 for national sessions, and $139 for international sessions. All shipping fees are included in the pricing. Tracking will be an additional fee where permitted.

+ What do you need to know about me?

Chakragraphs render best with little to no outside information. Please be mindful of this when you're booking.

+ But if you haven't met or seen me, how do you read my energy?

I think this suprises people the most. Chakragraphs lend themselves beautifully over long-distance and international settings. (Yes, really!) Just come in or call on the day of your appointment and prepare yourself for some fun.

+ What can I expect during my appointment?

Your appointment time will go over all the details of your artwork. Sessions typically last forty-five minutes to an hour. A digital recording of our session will be provided as a courtesy and emailed to you via a Dropbox or iCloud link.

+ What are the ways I can have a session?

Local, national, and international sessions are completed in office by phone, through Skype or FaceTime services.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment may be rescheduled or cancelled within' 48 hours of your appointment time. Rescheduled appointments will not incur any additional fees. All artwork is completed prior to your arrival. Your deposit will be retained for any cancellations made within this 48 hour appointment window.