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chakragraph workshops are now available!

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Would you like to schedule me as a presenter for your upcoming event or retreat? The Chakragraph system is a wonderful compliment any occasion that would benefit from a creative alternative wellness program. Contact me for more information.


course description:

Chakragraphs: An Introductory Workshop
This is a sacred invitation to partake in an innovative and compassionate practice of creative self-reflection. Learn the basics of contemporary watercolor painting and how you can use this media to enrich your life with awareness, resolution, and integrity.

Chakragraphs are intuitive art paintings that show the true state of the subtle bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and etheric auras. Each layer of the auric system stores a tremendous wealth of information about our life that each of us can access regardless of our experience and knowledge. We can then choose to use that information in a good way and help us to better understand our circumstance, choices, and even facilitate powerful changes in our perspectives.

Chakragraphs: Advanced Techniques: Adding Anatomy, Numerology and Symbolism (TBA)
Chakragraphs: Reading for Others: Crafting an Ethical & Successful Practice (TBA)
Chakragraphs: Moving Beyond the Individual: Reading Relationships, Families, Land, and Businesses (TBA)