Chakragraphs: Psychic Art Readings

Length: 45-60 Minutes
Price: $125 USD + shipping, if applicable

Through color and symbolism, an analysis is created of your energetic system: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. A Chakragraph acts like a map of the body, highlighting any dis-ease and disharmony.

A few days before your appointment time, I create an artistic rendering of your energetic body. I prefer not to see you ahead of time, nor to know about anything that is going on in your life. Like all good psychic work, Chakragraphs render best with no outside information, so please be conscious of that when booking your appointment.

Once completed, I dissect the information from the painting. Every line, every color, every empty place means something specific to you. No two Chakragraphs will ever be the same as it is a representation of your energy; a record your journey, your trials, and your successes. I believe our bodies store more than just fat and nutrients. We are living backpacks that hold information on all that was and is. Chakragraphs become a valuable tool for those who are active in their healing or spiritual pursuits, and have been a proven asset to acupuncturists, clinical psychologists, alternative medicine practitioners, and hypnotherapists to facilitate a deeper healing plan through targeting where energetic memories and blocks have settled in the body.

You do not need to be seeking a holistic-based reading to get a Chakragraph. They are quite fun and helpful, and the information received will always be what you need.

All artwork is completed before the appointment. If you wish to be present while the painting is created, please email me to price the additional time. Your appointment time will go over all the information obtained and last approximately thirty minutes.

Up-to-date examples of my work can be found on my Instagram or Facebook accounts.

*I am not a licensed medical professional. This or any service I offer is not meant to replace the services of licensed healthcare professionals.