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Combining color and intuition to create one unique offering.

Chakragraphs: Intuitive Art Readings

Through color and symbolism, an analysis is created of the current state of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. How the art is rendered tells me a story all about you. It's like a snapshot of the soul, bringing to light evidential information about your relationships, career, family; thoughts, challenges, and dreams. And I do it all with only knowing your name.

The Backstory

Chakragraphs are my own unique take on intuitive artwork. This process began back in 2014 when I felt inspired to draw the form of a client (a spiffy looking stick man) before each session. I would intuitively doodle on specific areas, such as the knee or shoulder. Later, the client would confirm the areas were problematic due to illness, disease, or holds the scar tissue from a previous surgery or injury.

In 2015, I began to work with this idea a little bit more and added color into my illustrations. I found that it held a new depth of information for me to tune into, and helped walk into my sessions fully armed with information about my clients physical, mental and emotional bodies, thereby helping to craft a deeper healing experience. 

It wasn't until December in 2016 that I was inspired to create the first Chakragraph painting. It was so well received that it became a permanent offering in my rotation. To date, I have sat with over one hundred people from all walks of life spanning the entire globe to share with them the messages I receive from their bodies and souls.  I am filled with both gratitude and honor to share this work with you today.


How it Works

When you book your appointment, you're agreeing to create a temporary link for me to connect to you. Through that energetic link, I paint freely and without restriction. This process can take up to two hours. The positioning of colors, the way they blend and the symbols used all hold very specific information. It can tell me the story of your childhood, where you've been recently, where you're headed, and the current challenges in your life that are causing the most disruption in your mind/body/soul connection. 

Every line, every color, every empty place means something specific to you. No two Chakragraphs will ever be the same as it is a representation of your energy bodies; a record your journey, your trials, and your successes. There is no scary information here. You are treated with the highest respect and all information is delivered with grace, compassion, and consideration.

About Your Appointments

Chakragraphs render best with little to no outside information, so please be conscious of that when booking your appointment. The artistic process can take up to four hours to complete, so for this reason all artwork is completed before you even come in. However, a shorthand version of the reading is available if you'd like to be present to watch the process. You do NOT need to be with me to have your Chakragraph completed. They lend themselves beautifully over long-distance and international settings. Your appointment time will go over your artwork and last approximately forty-five minutes to an hour. A digital recording of our session will be provided to you at no extra charge. This will be emailed to you via a Dropbox link within 72 hours after our appointment time. Have more questions? Please email me at jamie@jamiehomeister.com.  

 Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional. This or any service I offer is not meant to replace the services of licensed healthcare professionals. Book mindfully and for the sake of fun. 

Up-to-date examples of my work can be found on my Instagram or Facebook accounts.