What is a Chakragraph?


A Chakragraph is an intuitive painting of the subtle body system; the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The Chakragraph system has taken several years to create and refine, first beginning in 2014 when I felt inspired to draw a client before each Reiki session. Intuitively, I would be directed to a specific area of the person’s body such the right knee or shoulder. The client would confirm those areas were problematic due to illness or injury. A year later, these little drawings evolved to include lines of color. I found that color created a new depth of information and helped me to craft a deeper healing experience.

At the end of 2016, I took this practice to watercolor painting using my own energy body as a model. I was able to divine a lengthy reading from the illustration. On a whim, I shared these on my public platforms. People immediately took to it and started asking for their own. Thus the Chakragraph system was born. 

Through my experience, I have found there are over 256 colors that can be associated with energetic signatures we habitually store in the subtle body. Where those colors are presented, how they render, neighboring colors and associated symbology all tell me a specific story about the current state of your living. I have sat with people from all walks of life spanning the entire globe to share with them the story of their bodies. I cannot express how honored I am to share this work with you today.

When you book your appointment, you're agreeing to create a psychic link for me to connect to you. Through that connection, I will paint freely and without restriction. This process can take up to three hours. The positioning of colors, the way the colors blend, and additional symbols incorporated all hold very specific information.

Chakragraphs can tell me the story of your childhood, where you've been, where you're headed, and the current opportunities in your life that are helping you with your growth. Chakragraphs are like a map of the soul, reminding us how beautiful we are in all we've overcome.

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