Chakragraphs are mixed-media artwork of the subtle bodies. Crafted in relationship with my spirit guides and helping spirits, Chakragraphs show the true state of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

Chakragraphs, Jamie Homeister 2019

Chakragraphs, Jamie Homeister 2019

The Chakragraph system was birthed in 2014 when I felt inspired to draw a client’s energy to prepare for their Reiki session. Intuitively I would be directed to a specific area of the person’s body such the right knee or left shoulder, highlighting a problem area. The client would confirm those areas had illness or injury. Two years later, my little stick men evolved to include color which created an entirely new depth of information and helped to craft a deeper healing experience; the Chakragraph Intuitive Art System was born.

There are over 256 colors that I associate with subtle body. Where those colors are presented, how they render with neighboring colors and symbology tell me a story all about you: the state of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health can all be revealed. Chakragraphs give voice to your true aspirations and dreams, personality traits, relationship and career information, life path, family of origin, even ancestry and past life information. Whatever you’re going through, whatever has been, and whatever you need to know about your upcoming year can be foretold. Chakragraphs are a fun, unique way to receive an intuitive reading.

Intuitive art readings tell me the story of your childhooD; where you've been, where you're headed, and the current opportunities in your life that are helping you with your growth. They are like a map of the soul reminding us how beautiful we are on every stop of the journey.