Peace Only Comes Through Permission

 Chakragraph: Psychic Art by Jamie Homeister

 “Peace only comes with permission.”

 Chakragraph: Psychic Art by Jamie Homeister

A powerful declaration channeled through this woman’s Chakragraph. She is on her path to peaceful power. I look forward to seeing the change she will make in our world.


I have spent a solid portion of my life (cough*thirty-years*cough) either mind obsessed or heart obsessed. In truth, I was both.

Mind obsessed is when the chatterbox in your head will not stop running. It constantly picks and chips away at every little thing. It analyzes and scrutinizes everything relentlessly. There is not a moment of silence to be had in a space that needs silence to function.

Heart obsessed is when we feel absolutely anything and everything. Everyone’s energy becomes our energy. We are no longer sovereign beings but instead, an open wound stuffed full of psychic sludge.

Both aspects of living amount to nothing more than being an energetic drain on your body. Out the pisser, all the good stuff goes! Sorry about your luck, sister.

Know that we get to these places honestly. Many of these behaviors are taught to us as children. Others we craft for ourselves. Some we are gifted genetically, but all must have our permission to stay. Every day, we must make the choice to dress ourselves in yesterday’s feelings.

Personally, I began to feel restricted in that wardrobe. I didn’t like that style anymore. So instead I called up Joy and asked her opinion on an outfit. She said Gratitude would have more choices and sent me there. Gratitude said that Mindfulness would know the right option.

And Mindfulness laughed, replying slyly, “Let me introduce to my friend, Awe...”

And it was through Awe that I remembered why I was given the power of choice in the first place. That it’s a privilege to have this bank account of energy at my disposal. The universe was perfectly fine with me wasting my hard earned wages on the cheap frills like anger, frustration, and fear. But if I wanted to feel my best, I needed to make the commitment to myself and invest my energy back into what will help me feel my best. So yeah, peace only comes through permission. But also through responsibility.

Beaming out only the good stuff...