Lifting the Veil


What a great woman. Her third eye is big and bright; intuitive gifts are strong and plenty. But there’s a hood masking all those wonderful talents. The fear of rejection is a big part of that. I understood completely how that feels.

I remember the moment I “outed” myself as a medium. My heart was in my throat and my lunch in the porcelain bowl. I was absolutely terrified to tell friends and family that I could communicate with the dead (among other things). But one night, I summoned the courage, made the post and just let my truth flag fly.

The feeling of freedom was immediate. In that moment I was in my full power, and what a rush that was. It was fleeting, mind you, but it was there. It showed me what it felt like to stand in your Truth. I’ll never forget it, and since have tried to strive for nothing less than.

As expected, people disagreed with the practice and skillsets. Science says no, religion says no, therefore mediumship and psychic work does not or should not exist.

But for all the people who thought it was a sham, there were ten more who didn’t who took their place. All the while, those who truly loved me before still loved me after. Even if they didn’t identify with the work, even if they couldn’t talk about it with me themselves, I was still Jamie and I was still welcome. It was a gift.

The triangle behind her was a subconscious add-on. It really caught her eye. She’s recently began the practice of placing a triangle of light around her during meditation. And if that isn’t just the most neato burrito I don’t know what is.

Peace to all.

- J



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