Zebra Medicine Honors Our Inner Polarity


I feel as though this woman has gone very deep into change as her intuition, dreams, and creativity continue to expand into the world. That can feel really overwhelming if we do not have the skill sets or practices in place to help properly manage this type of intensity.

One of things I shared was how important it is to anchor your ideas into the physical. When our third eye is really active, it can feel like the floodgates open and suddenly every idea ever generated in the cosmos comes our way. I’m going to share with you all what Spirit has taught me: WRITE IT DOWN.

Anchor that idea into the physical world with a pen to paper. Carry a notebook with you for this purpose. Don’t type the idea into your cell phone because its not the same. Cell phones carry a dense vibration that lowers the vibrations of everything around it.

If you download an idea that you won't be interested in completing, pass it on! Share it with an open heart and allow someone new the opportunity to pick it up and do the work should it resonate strongly with them. There's no need to hold a thousand ideas hostage when we’re lucky enough to complete three in a single lifetime.

Zebra reminds us of our duality and the natural and complex polarity of the human spirit. Author @sarahseidelmann writes that Zebra medicine teaches us that we can be both ”shy and gregarious, full of sunshine and stormy, firm yet exquisitely tender. Zebra knows that you contain a holy multitude of expressions, and none of them is wrong. Your myriad qualities can code exist if you allow it. And allow it you must if you want to feel free.”