years in change


  I  had the immense privilege of being able to work with this exceptional artist today rendering her energetic portrait and a lot of information about this upcoming year. She’s been embedded in the throes of internal change for most of 2017-18, but now it’s time for the physical world to catch up.

Change does not always have to be painful, but quite often we feel very uncomfortable with it. The best medicine for her is to rest when she can as she finishes a last big push of September. By the time winter settles into December, I anticipate that beautiful yellow seed in her root and sacral chakra will break free from its outer shell creating a very deep awakening/transformation period, one I wouldn’t be surprised involving the medicine of her ancestors and heritage.


On a personal note, this woman and I go quite a few years back to my own days as a professional artist. This is one of those instances where I had first hand information about the person before the reading.

Knowing your client before a psychic or intuitive reading can present a lot of challenges. For example, it’s easier for the reader to show bias. For me this can show up as dismissing information based on my own beliefs of would be relevant to to the person. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought during these readings, “No, that can’t be right! If that was going on, *I* would know about it.” So as consequence, I hold back. I would listen to the mind instead of heart. Well not only would that information be correct but it would be absolutely necessary for the person to hear. Lessons learned through experience.

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Chakragraph: Intuitive Art Reading
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