Dove Medicine Helps Us Find Peace


I love to see happy yellow bellies. They tell me that a person is feeling more confident, more themselves, more in their POWER than ever before.

What does it mean to be in our personal power? We are of integrity. We put our energy into the things that matter to us. We implement strong, effective boundaries not just with others but with ourselves too. Being in our power doesn’t mean we have to be bitchy or nasty though. Some people swing too far on that pendulum. I can’t tell you how many times my greatest power was shown in my ability to soften.

Her entire headspace says that communication is very important to her. Holding in her words can literally be toxic to her body and mind. The feeling of not being heard might also be particularly painful and hard to forgive.

Her left leg (in pink) was really interesting. This traditionally is the space I read family history and childhood, but in her reading I felt like it was a mash up. Any white on the chart shows what needs cleansing, so I could surmise there was an issue in her early twenties (the circle) that caused a lot of family pain (the tendrils) which she’s working on in present time to heal. The gold and silver stripes across her heart affirmed this information by saying she’s healing her heart chakra on soul-level. These two pieces of information work in tandem with one another. A Chakragraph is just a giant puzzle. Each piece of information stands on its own but once you put it all together, it creates a cohesive story about the life of the person you’re reading..

Her medicine wheel:

  • East / Thought. Wild Dog Rose = Trust, Innocence, Faith

  • South / Actions: Dove = Peace, Healing, Adaptability (“Peace” is her chosen word for 2019)

  • West / Emotions: Oceanside = Calm and Expansive; Setting or Rising sun? I let her decide.

  • North / Physical World: Lapis Lazuli = Trust, Faith, And seeking the magic and wisdom of life.

Lots of good stuff here. Big changes all around but if anyone can handle it, it’s her.



This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit