What Stabilization Looks Like


Today’s portrait wears the hallmark of a halo, a symbol of a devout relationship and position of hierarchy within a religious doctrine in the immediate ancestral line, or as a direct relationship for the sitter (client) themselves. Affirming this, she related that she was born into a sect of an Evangelical ministry that her father helped create and stabilize in the hills of Kentucky. The color of the halo fades to more of an ochre than a golden yellow, so I believe that she branched away from where her spiritual teachings began. She agreed, saying that she chose to be a student of the universe but her parents remained disciplined and committed to the doctrine until their passing.

I always think it’s interesting that those who follow and contribute to an orthodox doctrine get to wear a halo in these. I don’t believe it speaks to saintliness, but more to a committed relationship with the divine and someone on a true quest to know the God of their times.

Her chart is pretty stable and I was worried there wasn’t too much to talk about. She’s ended up being late in her seventies, so that just made so much sense. She doesn’t carry the weight of questions and consequences like we do in our youth. People my age, mid-thirties to mid-forties, are hit the worst with these. We’re no longer the baby caterpillars of our twenties, engorging ourselves on endless drama and experiences. Things have mellowed. We’re pupas now, asking the big questions based around liberation and freedom. The chrysalis is a perfect example of the restriction that happens before transformation occurs. We feel the effects of our life like a straightjacket and we either submit and surrender, letting the universe transform us in its processes, or we avoid being still and force ourselves to stay a caterpillar for as long as we can.

You can see how clean this woman is though— just scrolling back through a few charts (#chakragraphs) on my page you’ll see the stark differences in comparison of age and youth. I absolutely believe the best thing to ever happen to me has been the passage of time. This gives proof to that theory and I’m happy for it.