Unicorn Medicine Asks Us To Have Faith And Play


This is her year of “taking care” with a focus on the healthy exploration and reintroduction of all the things that make her inner child happy. Music, art, and play are all high on her list. I can’t tell you how much I love that she received a Unicorn as a spirit helper because nothing speaks to the inner child more than fantasy and imagination.

There was a lot of focus on her soul’s expression, which you can see with all the blue. Finding what makes our hearts light and time fly is such a joyous journey— I wish everyone would take the initiative to remember what they love.

This is her year for fun and play. Making time for both in her day will be important. The consistencies in our life are a true reflection of who we are. If we are needing something  different, we have to be willing to shake things up a little. Any action we choose to support these endeavors will be met with encouragement by the universe.

My time with her was both delightful and insightful. I was honest with her about my error and why I felt like I made it. We were able to just move right along. I believe that as a reader I hold a position of authority in these settings, so it is very important to me that I honor that responsibility with open-hearted honesty, even if it’s humbling. (Maybe even *especially* if it’s humbling.) I enjoyed myself in her company and learned something valuable about myself too. I have a feeling she did as well and that’s really all one can hope for from these.

Grow on. 🌱