the world from within

The most difficult part of the human nature is that we live with no promises, not even the assurance of time. The gift of life can quickly ebb way to the continuing challenges that arise and can feel especially caustic with those who already struggle with identity and purpose.

Choices made are what is. It does us no good to ruminate on the past or wish these moments away. For in all the positive and negative that we manifest in our lives, the only true power we hold is the power that exists in this moment. How will you choose to harness it? Through the wistful tears of what could have been, or by listening for our whispers to inspire discovery of what can be?

Sometimes the only thing that holds us back is our unwillingness to acknowledge that we choose to live our unhealed wounds over and over again. When a no should have been a yes, a walk was meant to be ran, or our silence broken with strength.

Every day is a new opportunity for redemption, earned not only through bravery in action and thoughtful reaction but by taking advantage of these vintage-inspired circumstances that arise to help us set our records straight.

We can find ourselves spinning out of control on emotions running wild, Still your heart, body, and mind, even if it's just for a moment. As the hamster wheel stops, the wind breaks and the light can shine bright enough to allow your helpers to find their way in. We're quick to forget that the light isn't brought in from the outside, but rather, we light the outside world from within.

'the world from within' / Jamie Homeister

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