Chickadee Medicine Teaches Reminds Us of Our Resiliancy


This is year three in a long string of continuous change. Saturn knocked on her door early. Lucky for her, she was brave enough to answer.

I asked Spirit one of my favorite questions for a Sitter, “What did she earn a standing ovation for?” 

2018 was a victory,” they said. “She’s created something for herself that will be a foundation to last a lifetime. Think of all the steps you took to get to this moment. Reflect on all the actions you needed to make to get here. Be proud.”

2018 was all about pushing limits and continuing to break free of any social or societal constraints that remained from her purge in 2017.

2019 will naturally support any effort to retrain her actions, responses, and practices that prevent her from letting go.

Spirit said, “You attach yourself to things, people, memories and ideals that you love. Loyalty is a very endearing quality of yours. But sometimes when we hold too tightly on to *everything*, we prevent ourselves from being in a right relationship with anything.

Sometimes we hold on because it’s safe, sometimes we hold on because it’s comfortable, but more often than not we hold on because it’s merely recognizable.”

They went on to say that if we are supposed to meet the train to our destiny, it’s a lot harder to board when we arrive with a lot of baggage in tow. Ideally, it will just be us, our helpers, a single backpack and a smile to greet the adventure that’s about to come.

Her legs and the left side of her torso are the colors of fading embers. Brown is finally settling in creating a sense of practicality, stability and security. Solid ground is hard earned my friends, this I know for sure.

Her medicine wheel:

• East / Thoughts and Ideas - Juniper: Protection especially in travel. Purification. Increasing willpower and confidence.

• South / Actions -  Chickadee: Loyalty. Resilience. Restoration. Powering Down.

• West / Emotional State - Rain Drops: Controlled chaos. Six rain drops in particular suggest she’s needing or longing for freedom.

• North / Relationship w/Spirit and Life - Bloodstone: Clears energy blocks. Restores mind and body connection. Returns the Spirit to a cheerful and happy state.

 (Animal reference provided by Sarah Sidlemann)


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