Grasshopper Medicine Encourages Us to Take The Leap of Faith


This entire Chakragraph shows the energetic weight of decisions, both present and upcoming. At her heart rests a golden starburst. Its message: any movement forward requires patience, planning, and action.

Her chart shows a strong tendency to over-analyze, which may be why Decisions are the focus of 2019’s energetic lesson. How we make decisions matter; in love or in fear? Both will yield results.

The impact of ‘overthink’ adds unnecessary stress to our body. Our body produces extra cortisol as defense mechanism against the effects of stress. If we don’t learn to properly manage our stress or stay stressed for too long, we can end up doing some serious damage to system. It’s akin to continually running a computer program at its max capacity, or our phones without closing apps or powering down. Our bodies can freeze too. They can stop working. When things get overworked they get confused. The results, autoimmune issues. Adrenal fatigue. Chronic illness and dis-ease. Last year, I learned what happens when we habitually ignore the call for the intervention of rest and self-care. It’s not pretty, nor is it worth it.

Lavender appears in the East of her medicine wheel reinforcing this message of rest and relaxation. It’s a strong indicator that healing will come when she learns to manage her anxiety. Tapping/EFT, cognitive behavioral therapy, art, and meditation were all suggestions that came to mind. Our challenge is to stop engaging in coping mechanisms that distract us, and instead invest in a skillset we can use to grow from.

Grasshopper jumps in the South to say be brave enough to take the leap when it comes, but manage your anxiety by securing now anything that’s less than stable. Do the work. Save the money. Check the forms. Dot the i‘s.

A wishing well in the West reminds her to be aware of what she’s actually investing in. The West is the direction that holds the gifts of wisdom, maturity, and our emotions.

Finally, Red Jasper appears in the North, a place of Earth, death and rebirth. Purposefully carrying Red Jasper will help fortify the feeling of stability and rooting in our lives.


This is a mixed-media art piece known as a Chakragraph, created by artist Jamie Homeister delivering an in-depth intuitive reading that focuses on all areas within the client’s subtle body system. For more information, please visit